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Best foods for weight loss | get slim | health care naturally

October 14, 2018

Best foods for weight loss | get slim |health care naturally :

Best foods for weight loss

Do you want to weight loss in a week naturally? There are some full grain foods from which you can weight loss  You can reduce toxin and body fat by adding these grains to your diet.

Apart from this, by adding this full-grain food to your breakfast, you can get a bigger difference in health. You can lose weight by adding food like oats to your food as it contains fewer calories and more fibre.


By taking oats in breakfast, you will stay away from junk food. With this, taking them will give you more water so that digestion will help. Water sends the fibre forward in the digestive tract so that the problems remain away. We are telling you some full grain like this
The fibre found in oats is called soluble fibre. It is helpful in reducing weight and reducing blood cholesterol levels.

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Ganjhu is the second full grain in terms of weight loss. Once the wheat is consumed, 2 to 3 grams of fibre is consumed.

Balgir (Thick Pice Wheat)

The items made from this can be taken by putting on salads and other food items. It is healthier and calories are less in it and do weight loss.

Brown rice

If you have a habit of eating rice, then it is a good choice as it contains a lot of fibre. It is also good for the heart and for digestion and does weight loss.


If you want to reduce cholesterol levels and weight and use barley is important. Women can also consume it during periods and do weight loss.

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5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water | health care

September 27, 2018
Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
You can find me this juice, squeezing and biting with my lovely fruit. I put it in almost everything. I am convinced of its variation and its benefits. This is the best way to cleanse yourself with the power of vitamin C. Squeeze one lemon into a cup of cold or hot water and take it or take a single sip of it throughout the day. This little habit has many advantages but these five are my favourites.

1. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C

This is Lemon which increases the immunity of its disease by providing vitamin C to our body. This sour beverage also contains excessive potassium which improves the functioning of the brain and nerves. Potassium reduces free radicals, creates red blood cells and also controls blood pressure.

2. P.H. Keeps the balance of the level

Our P.H. Level balances the alkaline and acidic elements in the body. When the amount of acid in the body is high, then it creates diseases. Many people get sick due to this reason and they can not be cured sooner. Although there may be many causes of diseases the reasons which prevent you from preventing them would be better. Take a lot of alkaline food and wake the body, repair, strengthen and rejuvenate the whole body and communicate the new energy. One of the lemon alkaline foods.

3. It is helpful in losing weight

Do you know that if there is a lack of balance in the body then it is very difficult to lose weight? Happy-Healthy Body and sharp brain are the best way to lose weight. More alkaline food keeps you happy and according to the nuggets associated with nutrition, those who eat alkaline food quickly lose weight. Apart from this, lemon contains pectin fibre which is helpful in increasing appetite. By now you may have understood, if not, then we are telling you some more benefits of lemonade.

4. It improves the digestive tract

It is said that the stomach is happy and all happy. A good digestive process keeps you happy. The wasteful digestive system raises many problems in the body. Lemonade takes out unnecessary elements from your body and helps in the formation of bile. It is also effective in keeping the body's digestive process calm and normal.

5. It is also helpful in leaving the habit of coffee

I had a very bad addiction to coffee. That scent and that colour would make me crazy. I can not say how I was crazy about crazy But it was affecting my nervous system in such a large amount of digestion and energy that I could not tell. After 4 months ago I left the habit of coffee completely. Lemonade in it with me. Do not be bad, but if you regularly drink coffee then it is very difficult to quit. In order to start consuming anything else, it is necessary that it does not affect your body.

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Best foods for women health | Best Power Foods for Women | health care

September 18, 2018

Best foods for women health | Best Power Foods for Women | health care :

Best foods for women health | Best Power Foods for Women

Do you have a healthy breakfast every day. If not, what do you do to get energy throughout the day, eat fruit, eat sprayout, or take milk. A recent survey shows that women become so busy with their daily routine work that they can not eat breakfast in the morning due to which they become weak because they have enough energy in their body Communication does not occur.


Carbohydrate can only supply enough amount of glucose in the body. So eat potato or white flour every day.

Brown rice:

Brown Rice intake is more beneficial than white rice. This gives the body plenty of energy


Potatoes get carbohydrates in the body. Sweet potato is also a type of potato, there is plenty of energy in it.

Honey contains natural sweetness which gives energy to the body. This does not increase the amount of calories in the body. A and C also occur.


Iron contains plenty of iron. At the same time, fiber is also very high in it.


Banana has a lot of energy. It gives your body so much energy that you will not be able to eat energy every day without eating energy. But if using banana is done by putting black salt, it makes more profit.


Spinach contains plenty of vitamins. Apart from this, iron is also found very much in it. Parents are very beneficial for women's body.

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These wonderful berries are quite famous for their powerful antioxidant effects on the body. But what you may not know is that they are rich in flavonoids that can boost your memory, improve your cognitive abilities, and reduce the risk of age-induced dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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Benefits of blue foods

September 14, 2018

Benefits of blue foods

Benefits of blue foods

There are countless colors scattered around us. Someone likes red color, so someone has a white color. There are lots of colors ranging from clothing to things to food. We all know that by eating green sago vegetables, the body becomes healthy and the diseases are far away. But have you noticed the blue fruits and vegetables that can have impact on your body due to their intake. Let's see what nutrients the body gets from eating blue foods.

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It is a type of antioxidant that protects the body from heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.


It is full of antioxidant anti-aging and the properties of keeping disease away. It is good for health because it keeps body swelling and bad cholesterol away. It also protects against cancer and Alzheimer. By consuming it, the brain becomes even faster.

Best Blue Diet

Blueberry, Jamun, eggplant, fig, plum, raisins and purple cabbage

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Tighten Loose Teeth With These Home Remedies

September 10, 2018
Tighten Loose Teeth With These Home Remedies
Sometimes there is pain in the teeth that you feel that your teeth are moving or there is tension in it. This type of problem in tooth is due to the loose tissue of your teeth. This problem is called periodontum in medical. The good thing is that many of these problems are home remedies that you can get rid of it.

Symptoms: If you have pain during your diet, and if you feel that your teeth are shaking, then it is possible that you have become pariadontum. Do not panic, but adopt these home remedies. If there is still no relief or pain continues to grow, contact the doctor immediately.

Cleaning the mouth properly

If you have this problem, then keep your mouth cleaner clean. Brush regularly after morning and night dinner. Rinse every time after meals.

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Black pepper and turmeric

Combination of these two spices strengthens the roots of the teeth. For this you have to make a thick paste of black pepper and turmeric, leave it in a tooth area for 30 minutes and leave it. This will also remove the pain of your teeth and the movement of teeth will also stop. But you have to do it for a week.

Salt and mustard oil

Every morning, after adding salt and mustard oil, clean the tooth and place it in the painful place. Massage with light hands after applying. This gives comfort to you.


Vitamin C contains plenty of vitamins. Vitamin C increases the hold of teeth and becomes stronger. The junk juice in the moving teeth gives a lot of comfort. If you want, rinse it or drink it.

Oregon oil or nectar leaf oil

Novel leaf oil is beneficial in moving teeth. Massage it on the teeth and lighten your hands. This gives warmth to the teeth and relief in the moving teeth.

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 Use of salt

Put salt in a glass of water and fill that water in your mouth. This will cause all the germs of teeth to die and your mouth will be completely clean. Since there are antiseptic properties in salt, there will be relief even if there is any infection in the mouth.

Take Liquid Diet

If you have this problem in the teeth, it would be better if you do not eat anything chewing on teeth. This will put an emphasis on the teeth and it may also be broken. Therefore, take liquid diets until the teeth move.

Use of Pimentation Oil

Pimentation oil has many properties, due to which the pain in the tooth gets relief, as well as the problems of moving the tooth are also removed. Put oil on the finger and apply the massage on the right and massage. You will get rest in two days.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very useful in moving teeth. The intake of the body increases immunity and the infection of the teeth decreases and ends. Therefore, eat green leafy vegetables.

Do not use acetic fruit

It is better to consume fruits that do not consume excess amounts of acid in the body. Acid-making fruits increase the sensitivity of teeth.

Use of clove oil

If teeth move more, put clove oil on the moving teeth and massage. Or leave it on the night. It gives a lot of relief


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Tighten Loose Teeth With These Home Remedies Tighten Loose Teeth With These Home Remedies Reviewed by Jass on September 10, 2018 Rating: 5

Why wearing sun glasses in summer

September 08, 2018
Sunglasses have become very important in summer. Give sunglasses or sunglasses even more than sunscreen, because it provides great help in saving eyesight.

Sunglasses are considered useful to protect the eyes from the loss of light due to the sun's bright light and malignant UV rays. If you go out in a strong sunshine then you do wrong.

You will get good sunglasses, but on the other hand, this sunglass quality is also considered to be good.

It is not only fashioned as fashionable, but it is also considered as important in the eyes of the health of the eyes. Let's know why it is necessary in the summer to set sunglasses ....

Save Retina
It works to protect the eye retina from the deadly UV rays coming out of the sun.

Protect cornea
The cornea of ​​our eyes also makes a difference to the UV rays, as much as Ratina has to do. By wearing black glasses, they survive.

Olympic cancer
It is like a type of skin cancer. According to the report this happens when your eyes stay in open sunlight for a long time.

White part
There is a very sensitive part in your eyes, which is called conjectiwa. When this inhibition occurs in the sun, it starts to be itchy. That is why you need to wear sunglasses to cover it.

Carefully selected sunglasses
You have to choose these glasses carefully. Before buying, check whether this glass will protect against UV rays. Also its glass has good quality

Cataract can also make you blind. Lennick wearing good glasses can save you from this disease.

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