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Best foods for weight loss | get slim |health care naturally :

Best foods for weight loss

Do you want to weight loss in a week naturally? There are some full grain foods from which you can weight loss  You can reduce toxin and body fat by adding these grains to your diet.

Apart from this, by adding this full-grain food to your breakfast, you can get a bigger difference in health. You can lose weight by adding food like oats to your food as it contains fewer calories and more fibre.


By taking oats in breakfast, you will stay away from junk food. With this, taking them will give you more water so that digestion will help. Water sends the fibre forward in the digestive tract so that the problems remain away. We are telling you some full grain like this
The fibre found in oats is called soluble fibre. It is helpful in reducing weight and reducing blood cholesterol levels.

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Ganjhu is the second full grain in terms of weight loss. Once the wheat is consumed, 2 to 3 grams of fibre is consumed.

Balgir (Thick Pice Wheat)

The items made from this can be taken by putting on salads and other food items. It is healthier and calories are less in it and do weight loss.

Brown rice

If you have a habit of eating rice, then it is a good choice as it contains a lot of fibre. It is also good for the heart and for digestion and does weight loss.


If you want to reduce cholesterol levels and weight and use barley is important. Women can also consume it during periods and do weight loss.

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